Hooves of Fire is the ultimate multi-player, multi-platform, horse racing game experience.

Become a horse racing legend by winning prize money from races to expand your stables and by breeding champion horses. Buy better equipment to give your horses the edge in racing.

Engage with other players by selectively breeding or buying their horses to improve your own bloodlines and improve your chance of winning races.

Join a Racing Team with other players to win exclusive weekly prizes.

  • Real time horse racing - races jump every 2 minutes
  • Real time virtual betting
  • Buy, name and customise the look of your horses
  • Expand your racing stables
  • Breed your own champion horses with inheritable traits
  • Race your horses and compete against other players
  • Buy special treats, brushes and horseshoes for your horses to keep them performing at their peak
  • Train horses to improve their strength or endurance for better racing performance
  • Visit your friends stables to brush and feed their horses for them
  • Stud your horse to other players or find a suitable stallion to breed with your own mare

Hooves of Fire is free to play. VIP subscribers will have access to special features to enhance their gameplay.

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Hooves of Fire horse racing game