Support the game and become a VIP

Becoming a Hooves of Fire VIP will give you access to the following features;

  • Purchase, design and equip a range of special saddle designs for your horses, each with unique enhancements

  • More detailed information about your horses, including their Strength and Endurance ratings and track preferences (Fast, Slow, Heavy, Dead, Good) to help you pick which race your horse is more likely to win.

  • Sell horses
  • Feed plus (keep your horses fed for 3 days at a time)
  • Private Studding
  • Bonus in game cash to spend as you like (only with 30 and 90 day VIP purchases)

Access to the Science Lab with special experimental treatments including;

  • Boosters
  • Steroids
  • Birth Pills - Increase your mare's chances of producing a mare or stallion
  • Leg rotation/balance surgery - even out your horses strength and endurance, or swap them over!
  • Cryogenics - freeze your horses for later use
  • DNA test for horses to display their stats in the stud farm and market

  • Access to Champion, Elite and Evo countries (Pedigree 18+ horses)
  • Access to Hooves Hardcore features including the Race of Champions and Race of Evolution
  • Use of the Freezer management feature on the website

  • Access to the Race Results feature on the website to view past results from racing in Private or Tournament rooms

  • Removes ads in Hooves of Fire Stable Manager
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